Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy Halloween activities

SO I'm without a camera and it is putting a little dent in my blogging. Since I can't take any photos of the new stuff we've done lately, I thought I'd at least post some links for some the of traditions for Halloween we've carried over from last year...

Hanging the Decorations we made last year -

Ghosting: This year for our ghosting treat we made candy corn bark - which was really yummy! The Recipe girl has great pictures and instructions here. We used broken Halloween Oreos (the one's with the orange icing), broken pretzels, candy corn scattered on a cookie sheet then poured melted white candy chocolate on top.

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Traci said...

So much fun! I love seeing your boys. They are bursting with personality. I love your Haunted House. You have the knack sister!