Monday, October 26, 2009

Up to my ears in EARS?

Today I've been working on making BAT ears, for a Halloween costume of course. I can't believe this costume is even a possibility (the reality of it is yet to be determined). You wouldn't think a pair of ears could take so long... The added factor is an opinionated five-year-old who says things like,
"Too bunny-ish."
"Those look like bones."
"It's not ears for a bear, Mom."
"How am I (the bat) supposed to hear anything with those?"

Oh and did I mention the only other thing I have done for this costume is disassemble an umbrella and cut it in half. The logistics of attaching the wings are still pending.

Anyone need any spare ears?


Becky said...

I want to see pictures of the finished product!

Rainy Day Farm said...

Good luck with thos ears. Addison wanted to be a cat this year, and I got really lucky and found ears, and a tail already done.
Looks like I have been missing a lot of fun projects. I have to come back and wander around a bit.

Joanna said...

Oh my! that looks complicated. Good luck and definately post the photos!

Traci said...

sounds so cute! I can hear the boys now, they really tell it like it is eh? Good luck, if someone can do it,it is certainly YOU!

Jamie said...

Ha ha! 5-year-olds can be the biggest critics! I'm sure your costumes will turn out awesome. It reminded me of a costume my friend made last year: - just in case that helps at all...
Good luck with your little bats!

Tracy said...
We did this bat hat from Family Fun. It was actually pretty easy. I used black foam for the wings. But I guess if you already have wings that would be weird.
OH, well, good luck!!

Elisha and Scott said...

Too funny and I'm with Bec, want to see pics!