Monday, October 13, 2008

Ghosting tricks

A couple of years ago in Seattle we found this guy, treats and a note on our doorstep, it seems a fun Halloween tradition and the boys had a GREAT time ringing and running tonight - just after dark. A fun, un-scary Halloween trick.

The Phantom Ghost has come around

To leave these goodies you have found

And since the Ghost has gotten you

Please read closely what you must do.

First post this Ghost where it will be seen

On the door or window until HALLOWEEN

Then, No other ghost will visit again

Be sure to participate, it makes you grin.

If you would like to pass this ghost along -

Within 2 days, Make 2 treats, 2 ghosts and 2 notes,

Now that’s the gist

And take them to 2 families

That may have been missed

Deliver after dark, when there’s barely a light…

Ring the doorbell and run!

Then stay out of sight!

Have fun and try not to be seen,

And share the “spirit" of HALLOWEEN!


Jamie said...

Aw, that looks fun! I've read about people who just do it within their neighbourhood - even if they don't know their neighbours. It seems like a fun way to bring a community together!

tracyask said...

We do this too! Just started here in Seattle - never on the east coast. My kids have been begging to make these "Boo Bags" for weeks now. One more week until Halloween - we better do them today! :-)