Tuesday, July 6, 2010

For the Love of Lego Challenge - Bugs winner and new challenge!

There were so many really great entries, the boys loved all of them.  You are some seriously talented Lego builders.  We are excited to see what you do with this week's challenge - ROBOTS.

I've created a flickr pool so everyone can share.  http://www.flickr.com/groups/lovelego/

If you need details on how the challenge works, check out the 1st For the Love of Lego Challenge.

And now drum roll please... our judges this week have selected "The Scorpion" by Slade.  I need to tell you this was a very hard choice.
Here are some other creations, thanks for playing along!  For more angles, etc. please check out the Flickr pool.  For future challenges you can either post your entry directly to Flickr or you can still link below this post or email me - whatarewedoingtodaymom@gmail.com

These are not in a particular order...

Thanks to everyone who participated + send in your pictures for this week:
1: Nate - Scoop Flyer (plus more!)
2. Caterpillar - Isaiah
3. Denver - Spider
4. Josee - Caterpillar
5. Mia
6. Max
7. Daniel - A Centipede and a Bumblebee
8. Joshua - 1 Black Ant and 2 Fire Ants
9. Josh - Giant Ant
10. Dragonfly - Jon
11. Ladybug - Lindsey
12. Alex - Ladybug
13. Joanna - Butterfly
14. C - Dung Beetle
15. E - Scorpion

A couple questions to clarify...
  • Duplos, Megablocks, etc. are great to enter with as well.
  • If you are linking, link in the comments to the post with theme challenge was introduced (today's post will have links for robots)
  • If you want to enhance your Lego creation with other things that's fun too, like in the bug challenge, paper wings would have worked.
  • All creations should be original (not from instructions or a kit) and if helped by a grown-up that's great, but please let us know.  
  • We also have a couple of grown-up entries which is really fun - thanks for playing along (Uncle Jon, Aunt Lindsey and Aunt Joanna)! Note - grown-ups are not eligible for the prize (sorry!), but please post along with us, Lego is fun for everyone!


Jamie said...

Congrats Slade!!! Such fun! I love that Jon & Lindsay played along - very creative. I made one too, but my boys destroyed it! :) Very excited about the next challenge!

Lahni said...

Here's ours:

Holly said...

Here's ours: http://motherisnotconcerned.blogspot.com/2010/07/kilted-dinner-bell-debated-vacuous.html

Jamie said...

Oh man! I just realized we forgot! We were away this weekend, so we didn't get it done. Nate actually made something today, but Jax wrecked it before I could take a picture and we were going to do it again later, but we forgot. We will definitely participate next week!

Jamie said...

3rd comment!? Annoying! http://popowich.mapledesign.ca/?p=2801. Thanks for the extension!!!

Joanna said...

Here is Josee's robot!