Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For the Love of Lego

Lego Logo creation photo by E and C.

So here are the Lego challenge details:
Each week there will be a new challenge with a theme.
The theme for the coming week is "Bugs"

To participate 
1. Build something related to the theme 
2. Post it (on a blog, flickr etc.) and link to the post in the comments of the challenge post 
Send me an email whatarewedoingtodaymom@gmail.com with a picture.
*It is up to you if you would like your child to be pictured or just their creation. If you send me a link or image I assume you are giving me permission to post the photo on my blog as it relates to the challenge.

The main reward for participating is playing along.  I'll try to feature as many entries as possible (must be submitted by 9PM Monday PST to be featured for that week, but you can continue to link in the comments as long as you like).

E and C have decided there should also be prizes each week. It will be a simple mail package and may or may not be Lego related.  E and C are going to make something for the challenge too, but they will also be the judges and cannot win the prize.  They will pick a different winner each week.

I really hope we'll get a lot of participation and the more the merrier, so please pass it along to anyone you think will like to play!

Be sure to ask any questions in the comments or email whatarewedoingtodaymom@gmail.com I'll reply and update the posting as well as soon as I can.

Happy "Bug" week!

A couple questions to clarify...
  • Duplos, Megablocks, etc. are great to enter with as well.
  • If you are linking, link in the comments to the post with theme challenge was introduced (today's post will have links for bugs)
  • If you want to enhance your Lego creation with other things that's fun too, like in the bug challenge, paper wings would have worked.
  • All creations should be original (not from instructions or a kit) and if helped by a grown-up that's great, but please let us know.  
  • We also have a couple of grown-up entries which is really fun - thanks for playing along (Uncle Jon, Aunt Lindsey and Aunt Joanna)! Note - grown-ups are not eligible for the prize (sorry!), but please post along with us, Lego is fun for everyone!


Lahni said...

Is this the challenge post? Or will you have a separate post for that? Isaiah and Denver are each going to enter, should I write separate posts for each of them or can I just put them in the same post?

Lahni said...

Oh, Denver's going to use his duplo. I hope that's ok!

Dyann said...

Alex wanted to do it, so he joined in. He was going to make a bumblebee, but decided that he didn't know how to make one, so changed to ladybug. Apparently he knows how to do that.


Janeth Butler said...

Jackson is totally thrilled to build his Lego bug. Thanks for the invite!

Jamie said...

So fun - you are very creative. Nate wants to host a challenge now too - ha ha ha. Thanks a lot! :)

Joanna said...

Here is Josee's entry! We had a lot of fun with this - great idea!

Lahni said...

I almost forgot to link to my entry!