Monday, July 12, 2010

Field Trip - Low Tide

Today's tide in Seattle was the lowest of the year at -3.4  We ventured out with some friends to Lincoln Park beach in West Seattle.  There is a pretty ferry dock right there and it was very pretty. 
We had lots of fun exploring, finding all kinds of things from crabs and pretty sea stars to beached jellyfish. Oh, and a rusty piece of metal determined to be from a pirate ship...hmm, a little imagination never hurts :)

If you're in the area - tomorrow's tide is also really low -3.0 at 12:38 PM, head out and let me know what you see!  You can also look at this tide table for other areas (even Olympia and Tacoma are different) 


JRoberts said...

Everytime we are near an ocean, we go. It is beautiful and such fun things are there to explore. (you are lucky to live right by it!)

chicklegirl said...

I grew up just a mile from Lincoln Park, and it was our favorite place to play when we were kids. We spent hours on those beaches, turning over rocks to find crabs, beachcombing, wading in the water, and swimming at the salt-water pool down on the point.

Glad you and the boys discovered it, and had such a great time!

Joanna said...

Wow, it looks so mossy. I love Pirate E with the metal thing :)