Friday, March 5, 2010

Field Trip - Carkeek Park, Seattle

The park has much more to offer, Beautiful forests, with tall, old trees, beautiful scenery of the ocean and the Olympic Mountains behind, a fun beach which is also a marine reserve. Great hiking trails, picnic spots, lots of open ground for kite flying. Honestly, it's a favourite, so when the sun was out today we couldn't get there fast enough.

The most notible landmark for kids at Carkeek Park is the Salmon slide.  Still at age 6 it is a big hit with mine. And really, who doesn't want to slide through a salmon.  Maybe you'll get a little glimpse of what it was like for Jonah in the whale.

Oh and I think the Barnacles are in bloom.  Is that a sign of spring?
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Joanna said...

That does look like a cool slide! What a fun park, and the ocean?? We need to come visit!

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

wow, that slide is great and what a beautiful spring day!

The snow is melting here, it was plus 5 today, we were loving it!

aubrey said...

oh we love carkeek park. it is definitely a favorite of ours too. and we have had fabulous weather to go there!