Monday, February 1, 2010

Spy Birthday Party - Part I, The cakes

So having twins I always have a dilemma about a shared birthday. Do they share a cake? Does everyone sing to both of them at the same time: "Happy Birthday E & C.." If yes what order? (maybe it should be "Happy Birthday C & E..") Do we sing two songs... The list of questions I ask myself and people around me are endless. 

This  year they each got a cake of their very own E likes only white cake so that was easy and he wanted Footprints (He really wanted a shoe to step in the cake for a real footprint, but I talked him out of it) and "Mystery Marks" AKA question marks.
C wanted a little more excitement for his cake a BOMB!  I did my best with non-skills and cooked the chocolate cake in a glass bowl for the rounded shape, iced it in chocolate with a red-licorice fuse.

Cake was the first thing on the party agenda.  My neighbour did that at a party last week and I thought it was an awesome idea for a 2o'clock birthday party! We sang separate Happy Birthday songs and had a separate blowing out of the candles on each. 

The best part about 2 cakes - lots of leftovers!


Joanna said...

Very cool. I can't wait to see part II!

Jamie said...

Aw! Happy Birthday C & E!

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Great cakes and I love that they each get their own. I never thought about how they have to share their bday and what that means, good for you for making it special for each of them.

Traci said...

I never thought of all those questions until you mentioned them. hmmmmm You certainly have unique and individuals as boys, so you are obviously doing everything right. I loved your theme and decorations. How original. Tell the boys Happy Late Birthday. I have been working and so absent from motherhood, it sort-of stinks. I miss staying home. great party~