Saturday, January 30, 2010

Field Trip - Discovery Park Beach, Seattle

Seattle is not known for sunny, sandy beaches, but a beach can be a particularly amazing place for treasure hunting.  This beach has a lighthouse (although it was all covered up with construction repairs).  There is often some unique people watching to do here to, like the gentleman in the sailboat/canoe who came ashore.  I found some of my favourite beach treasure - sea glass.  There is something about the brisk wind off the ocean and the smell of salt water that is refreshing.

Discovery Park is located at
3801 W Government Way
Seattle, WA 98199
They have a great visitors center there and if you have really little ones or other special needs you can get a driving pass to drive out to the beach.
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Joanna said...

That looks fun. I do agree there is something about a cool brisk walk - and on the beach would be awesome. I need to think of somewhere we could go for a field trip in my area!

Traci said...

This pic reminds me of Norway, Tromsu (I don't have the right letter in my keyboard) Anyway, This is a keeper. I loved seeing the ocean and the beach...even without the sun.