Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TOP SECRET - Spy birthday Invitations

Someone's birthday is coming soon and a lot of preparations are underway. Here is the first clue....any guesses for the theme?

"Spy" is correct.  Inside each envelop was a postcard. One side had a satellite view of our house/ surrounding neighbourhood (thank you Google Maps), tinted green (for night vision goggles) with a circle and arrow and a red note saying "Secret Agent Rendezvous Friday 2PM."

The other side read -
Secret Agents E and C invite you on a top-secret mission
Code Name: Operation Birthday Party
Mission begins: 2PM Jan ___
Mission concludes: 4 PM Jan ___
Rendezvous Point: "Our address"
Parents are welcome to stay or drop-off.
If you choose to accept or decline this assignment, dial 206.---.---- from a secure phone line to confirm.

I had some of the cutest confirmations on the answered machine. "I'll be there." "click." was my favourite.

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Joanna said...

Sounds fun! I bet the boys are getting excited!

Tracy said...

A Spy/Secret Agent party?

Jaz said...

Sherlock Holmes type party? Those invites are awesome! (I think they're invites?)...

Jamie said...

Awesome. I am so stealing your ideas! :)