Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Colour Match Game

This is a little game we made a little friend (age 2) who is learning his colours. The point of the game is sorting a bunch of coloured bits into painted egg cups that match the bits. The boys actually enjoyed this a bit, making their own rules. We'll see if it holds a 2 year old's attention.

Oh, and for the record Colour is spelled in Canadian :) but you can pronounce it in French if you like.

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elisha said...

Cute, I like that one too. Looks easy enough for me to attempt. I'll have to remember it when Foster starts learning his colors. Oh, Becky and I are running a marathon June 27 in Seattle. If ya'll want to come. It'd be fun to see ya. Are you guys coming to Grandma's b-day party?

Joanna said...

that does look like a good idea!

Traci said...

Cute, I should do something like this for Ethan, he is still working on his colors...I love it~