Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Out of this world

E really wanted a map of the solar system for his space explorations. I had him make his own. The big strip of paper was his idea and it worked well. He traced various sizes of circular objects for the different planets. On one end he started with the sun, then did the planets in order they orbit. He tells me he wants to be an artist sometimes. I really like how he pays attention to all the details and used different techinques on each planet.

We used two great reference books to check out the details on each planet.

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Traci said...

My boys LOVE seeing your blog, they want to read the same books and do the same fun things...I guess it is off to the library~

Jen said...

I love it when five year olds out craft me.

And when I get on your blog and see that I missed a bunch of posts.

Natalie said...

Your kids are so brilliant! I wonder where they get that from? ;-)

ade said...

Trav Jr. was just saying the other day how good Aunt Kristin has always been with little kids...I love to see all your crafts..you inspire ME!!

Jamie said...

Wow - admiring his patience and artistry.