Thursday, April 2, 2009

melted colours

So I've been wanting to do this for awhile. I tried to heed warnings of my dear friend Susan and avoid some problems, but there were still some complications. (Hers turned out great and made me want to try regardles). Despite the cupcake liners being doubled, the wax still seeped through and left residue on the pan - I should have thrifted a pan to be reused for this project. I haven't figured out any way to get the residue off the pan or my silicone - any ideas? Thanks Susan for sparing me the toxic fumes of heating to the max.

I am happy with the resulting crayons. Since I think my pans and molds are now only useable for this I will do it again when we have enough broken pieces. I think the lower heat is the way to go - 250F about 15-20 minutes, then I picked up the doubled liners and poured it into the molds while still hot. The silicone is great for non-stick and the crayons came out nicely, except for the residue.

The crayons themsleves seems sturdy and colour well. We used whatever brands and no-named broken freebies and I don't think it mattered. I mostly mixed each melted cup with craft sticks for a solid colour. I might try pouring them in layers for a striped crayon. It was easy, but the kids can only be involved in the prep of the crayons - peeling and breaking, the rest is a litle burn risky. of course they are great testers of the crayons. I think the crayons will work really very for texture rubbings.

There are many other ideas for melting and uses out there I thought I'd share some I reviewed before attempting this -

Craft Santity - Easy and keep it in the wrapper - no pouring hot wax
uk lass in us and chef messy make loving gifts of the heart
lets explore makes alphabet crayons

Colour away!


Traci said...

Do you homeschool? How do you fit all your projects with your kids in a day? I am so amazed!

Kristin said...

I don't homeschool, but I'm lucky they are only in preschool for 2 hours, 3 mornings a week,so we get plenty of time together.