Saturday, March 10, 2012

A House for a Leprechan

Other years we've tried to set some Leprechaun traps hoping to catch a little guy and strike it rich with a pot of gold.  We are still waiting.  Fun info here about how to catch a leprechaun. This year the boys are trying a new approach - make a lovely, welcoming space that a leprechaun would like to stay.  The theory is then he will be so happy with his new home he will reward you.
This is C's house: several rooms, a poem he wrote for the leprechaun, jewels, shamrocks, coins, a rainbow - 
What more could a leprechaun want?

E's is simpler with a rainbow arched doorway and sprinkled gold everywhere.

Update: after several nights of vacancy hotel Leprechaun is closed. 
"I guess Leprechauns only live in Ireland and don't like to travel much," C

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Jamie said...

That is so cute - love it. Especially C's comment about traveling Leprechauns!!