Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Plan for Free First Thursdays

For all my Seattle area readers I thought I'd post some links to various museums that honour Free First Thursdays.  A lot of galleries and museums in other cities have special free events and times so check out their websites, or call to find out.

So far we've visited:
Seattle Art Museum. open late 1st Thursday 10am - 9pm Our visit
MOHAI Museum of History and Industry 10am - 8pm Our visit
Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture  10am - 8pm Our visit

Still to come...
Experience Music Project 5pm - 8pm 
Henry Art Gallery 11am - 8pm  
Museum of Flight 5pm - 9pm 
Northwest African American Museum 11am - 7pm 
Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame 5pm - 8pm
Seattle Asian Art Museum 10am - 9pm Near Volunteer Park
Wing Luke  10am - 8pm
Other free days and places nearby -
Free Everyday
Olympic Sculpture Park
Yukon Gold Rush National Park

Free Other Days 
The Bellevue Arts Museum is free the first Friday of each month from 10am - 9pm
The Museum of Glass has free admission on the third Thursday of each month from 5pm - 8pm
Tacoma Art Museum also does the free third Thursday as well from 10am - 8pm
Other local Art resources 
Art Guide NW
First Thursday Info
Seattle Art Blog

There might be more, so if you know...let me know!  I'll keep this list updated....


ade said...

wow! How cool is that to have all that fun stuff so close. May or bust baby!!!!

The Trainas said...

kristin can you please do this for san diego? :) miss you.

Joanna said...

Yes, and Calgary?? haha. How did you find that all out?