Thursday, January 7, 2010

SAM - Seattle Art Museum, Alexander Calder and Free First Thursday...

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) is one of those things that is great about living in the city, but as a mom of active boys I've shied away.

Today, I guess I was feeling brave, the formula seemed right. Free Admission (every first Thursday) + Alexander Calder Exhibit + half-day Kindergarten + needing a little something different.

I thought the hammering man missing his arm was a sign we would fit in well today, then we found street parking within a block! It was a New Year's miracle.

The trip was a big success. After an initial meltdown reaction to the "Please do not touch" signs everywhere, C settled in to a sulk temporarily until he couldn't help but appreciate some things around him.

Floating shapes and colours balancing, the Calder exhibit also has a kids activity guide with assignments for each gallery room like, "How many footsteps does it take to walk around this sculpture?"

Somehow balance becomes beautiful.

E thought everything he saw was "amazing" and "beautiful." From spiky armour to the Calder circus film.
This is a "Living Room" It had a great view for me to day-dream, where the boys could "create" with blocks behind me.This was E's favourite installation with real cars, right at the ticket entrance.
In the end C agreed he liked it, with reluctance, and the cavet, "It wasn't fun, but it was interesting."

E - "I love art museums Mom. That's beause I'm an artist too." Maybe we try another museum next 1st Thursday.


Joanna said...

That looks like an interesting place all right! The cars look like they are in spider webs or something - no wonder E liked them :)

ade said...

I love Seattle - so many fun things to do and learn. You can tell the boys enjoyed it by those sparkles in their eyes'.
Hey, how do I post more then 4 pictures at a time? Toss me a bone:)
Love ya,

Tracy said...

Wyatt loves the modern art sculptures. He talks of the toilet with the ceramic poop and cracks himself up. Also the dogtag sculpture is a favorite...Fun times at SAM!
Bellevue Arts Museum has free first Fridays 11-8. Let us know if you'd like to meet there sometime!!

Natalie said...

You're such a good mama! Looks like a great day that was fun AND interesting!

Keith, Becky, Kennedy and Kassidy said...

I love reading your posts. You're such a great mom. Your creativity inspires me.

aubrey said...

oh we LOVE SAM. we have a membership to the museum and love the family days they put on once a month. we need to get there to see that exhibit..ava and max would love it!

Traci said...

Seattle is SO artsy! I am glad we have some options here in Bozeman. There is a museum here I want to check out!

j. vorwaller said...

that is so sweet - of course he is an artist! we all are at heart, especially children. :) we're sorry we didn't make it that day - our little E had a cold, shots and two new teeth all in one week, poor guy! he's doing much better now.