Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pop-up books!

I feel so honoured that Kristin asked me to fill in for her this week! As you all know she is one creative gal, I'll do my best!

What kid doesn't love a pop-up book or books with lift-the-flaps? I thought it would be fun to try making our own.

Here is a quick picture tutorial:
Fold paper and cut 2 slits where you want your 'pop-up' (I made 2 pop-ups)
Fold them toward the inside of the fold, like so:

I added a cover page:

Punch holes and add some string to bind the book together:

Make you 'pop-up' pictures on a seperate paper, cut out and glue! Then write your story! (here is ours, I only helped draw the oven and write her story for her)

I think we will try this to make our next birthday card too.


Jamie said...

That's so cute Jo! Love it.

Traci said...

My little girl did these in her first grade class, still she is always making pop up books, they are a sure hit!

Rainy Day Farm said...

That is such a fun idea. I can' wait to try it. Thanks to the sister who is guest posting. You are doing fabulous!

Lynn said...

Very cute idea! That would definitely get kids interested in story books and writing their own stories.