Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hiking Club 1st Meeting of the Summer

Our first hiking club meeting of the summer was a big success - the weather was on our side with clear sunny skies and no wind, We choose a great, foresty trail around Lake Sylvia, WA. My kids and I have hiked this trail many times, but each time there are new things to see, hear and experience. The letter of the day seemed to be S with Salmonberries (tart and yummy), a salamander, a spider, snails, steps for sitting, shade and sunshine, swimming, all at Lake Silvia.

We are recording our hikes in an "adventure journal" This is something you could make yourself, but REI gives them out as part of their Passport to Adventure program. They are great little journals and after your first hike you can send in a postcard (included) for a prize!

Happy hiking!

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Rainy Day Farm said...

Cute pictures. It was a fun a hike, despite my kids taking off. It was a beautiful trail!