Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recipe of the day - Pot holes

Not delicious, nutritious or even edible. This recipe from my dad is very useful, especially when you live in a rural, very rainy area. It also turned out to be a good family project. Boys + dirt + wheelbarrows + shovels = successful activity every time. I'm surprised they don't scour the road for potholes to fill.

Rocks - big, medium and small
sand/dirt mixed
First add large and medium sized rocks to the hole. Then fill in gaps with gravel/small rocks. Add a layer of sand/dirt. drive over it with your car a few times. add more gravel and more sand/dirt. Drive over it more, give it a good pack-down, test it out for a few days and continue to repeat layers of sand/dirt and gravel as needed.

I'm proud to say although our road is far from perfect, even after lots more rain our initial pothole fill still holds up.

My happy workers below:

In case you wondered where the side walk ends? That's where a road full of potholes starts...
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Lahni said...

I bet your boys loved that! I know mine would have!

Kami said...

What a beautiful spot you live in! And that looks like the perfect activity to keep two boys buys :) and messy too I bet!

Natalie said...

What great little workers you have there! I just love the way kids enjoy manual labor. It's fabulous!

Jen said...

Lookin' cute in your boots there - EVEN while working on the road.

What a woman.