Thursday, February 19, 2009

Operator, Operator

E - (holding the phone behind his back, speaking nervously) "Umm Mum, the police are on the phone, saying hello? hello?"

Me - "the Police?"

E - (bursting into tears and showing me the phone) "I..I..I called 9-1-1 to arrest C, he was being mean and hitting me and I wanted him to go to jail.."

Me - "What?" (suddenly realizing there is someone on the phone still)

I take the phone, "hello?"

"Hello 9-1-1, what's your emergency?"

"I am so sorry, my 5-yr-old.." What do you say at this point??

Luckily the operator was very kind when I explained my 5-yr-old twins were arguing while I was trying to make dinner, I actually think she must have heard the whole conversation between E and I. Still my name is now on record for calling.

Did we have a talk about what is really an emergency? Oh yes we did.


Jamie said...

LOL! I accidentally called 911 once. I wasn't 5. It was embarrassing.

Lahni said...

We had some friends once and they had a phone that had an emergency button that automatically dialled 911. Well they were wrestling and she hit him with the phone and didn't realize she had hit that button. They continued play fighting will the operator was listening. They didn't realize until the cops showed up at their door to break up a domestic dispute!

Lahni said...

Oops that should say "they continued play fighting while the operator was listening"

aubrey said...

hahaha. oh. my. gosh. i know it's not funny. and i would be freaked out and furious if ava ever did that. poor little E.

Traci said...

Hilarious, your boys sound absoulutely adorable! I love it!!!!

Kami said...

oh man, it's funny after the fact but not so much at the time...


elisha said...

Oh my oh my.....I'm still laughing. That is so funny. He wanted E arrested. That's great. What a clever kid. Too funny.