Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coyote beautiful

Just a couple of meters outside my window this afternoon.
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Cindy said...

Don't you love it???? We recently read a book about Cougars and I hardly ever go outside by myself without the dogs!!! I'm a fraidy-cat. P.S. Thanks for the sweet note on my blog. I look in the mirror and say "that persons not fifty!!!!" Oh well, what's age anyways? pretty relative to the way you act and feel hey? P.S.S. I love the pic of your mommy and dad!

Jamie said...

Cool pic - kinda scary! Doesn't it make you nervous to let the boys play out there?

Jen said...

What's Old Man Coyote doing anyway - looking around for another baby bunny?? Let's hope not, right?:)

Jill Jacobs Johnson said...


I love your blog and your bangs too!