Friday, July 29, 2011

Low Tide Today - Giant Pile Worm

Check out something I saw on the beach during low tide-
Sometimes called a pile worm or clam worm.  Don't let that cute face fool you he can deliver a nasty bite with those jaws, yes it is as scary as it looks.  Luckily we know better than to handle any worms on the beach. This guy is about as long as my hand.  Here is a great article on these worms by Sue Pike  (at least the East Coast relative). :)

In the Pacific Northwest the low tide will be here all weekend - be sure to head down to the beach if you can....The Seattle Times has a great interactive site for tide times here.  You can select your beach and they cover beaches all over the Northwest, even south to the Oregon coast.
Here are the Seattle low tide times (it's great to get there an hour before as the tide goes out you can explore more, it is trickier as the tide comes back in!)
Fri     29      Low  10:32 AM    -1.9 
Sat    30      Low  11:13 AM    -2.1
Sun   31      Low  11:55 AM    -2.0
Mon    1      Low  12:37 PM    -1.5


JRoberts said...

Really? A worm that bites?! Wow! I am totally checking this out and passing the info to my boys, who would get a kick out of it!

Diane said...

Yikes! I think I've met his cousin in my garden. You are full of amazing information. Your boys are so lucky!

Molly said...

I am completely grossed out by this post, yet weirdly attracted to the information! My 5 year old son can't get enough, either! With that said, it doesn't seem your link to the article is working. I'd love to read more! What I love even more? That I live in the midwest, far away from these things!! :)
Love your blog!!
Molly (Minnesota native, currently living in Indiana)

Kristin said...

Molly - thanks so much for letting me know the link was broken, I
fixed it and here is the direct
I have to warn you her top photo is really gross and you can even zoom in on it!!
It is weird to me how my boys have turned my interest in gross things
that I never would have wanted to look at before. I loved your
comment, I can totally relate. Thanks for reading my blog!!