Sunday, May 15, 2011

BagWorm or Case Bearing Moth Larva

A strange little creature we found recently climbing our glass door
(on the outside, I'm happy to report) :

 Here are some details on this guy if you want to check out more with your kids, including my go-to spots to find out about strange bugs....I found out only the male turns into a moth, the female stays in her little case until her suitor comes calling then she lays her eggs inside her case before dying.

I found a video (with music and effects added - thanks YouTube) if you want to see something like it in action, they are interesting to watch move.

I first checked out a favourite resource - and I think it looks like a case-bearing moth larva - anyone else?

I also turn to in these times to get the scoop and I'm pretty sure it is a kind of mini-bagworm.  There are some pretty cool varieties that my boys wished we could find around here, but I'm not so sad about it. I like my bugs few and far away.

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Joanna said...

I second that few and FAR away. you are a good mom for investigating for your boys!