Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pictures of the week...Bugged!

One of the community centers had an Urban Nature fair on Saturday, Today, I'm playing Photo of the Week 5.   This is top one is my favourite:  it looks like C barely notices the gigantic bug on the back of his neck, he is so busy checking out the boxes of bugs.
Here E is posing with his, "Can you believe this enormous cockroach?" expression.
 I do like technical part of this photo best, with the focus on the big stick bug. I'm so happy I got to be the photographer and I didn't have to touch anything.
Speaking of happy, C LOVED this bug crawling up his neck, into his ear and then his hair (it was probably trying to hide from all the kids handling it and thought C's hair perfect camouflage).  Just looking at this picture gives me the creeps.
Since I'm feeling grossed out writing this post, I thought I'd push it over the edge. This shot is especially for my Aunt Lorna, who should just be glad she hasn't met one of these huge spiders before.


Joanna said...

All I have to say is AHHHH!!!

Lorna said...

I would have to use a serious zoom to have taken any of these photos but there isn't a zoom big enough for me to take the last shot. Haha, thanks for including that picture for me. I also can't imagine letting any kind of bug crawl on my head, eewww. Fun pictures though for your boys.

JRoberts said...

We visited the Victoria Bug Zoo on a trip one time. They let you handle all the bugs (some are pretty disgusting) and see them up close. I am not really a bug person, I like them behind glass or far far away...but my boys loved it.

Great photos. (the big tarantulas are totally nasty!)

Tracy said...

Wyatt says, "I think I'm going to have a nightmare tonight!" after seeing the pic of the bug on C's neck...YIKES

Jamie said...

Ewww! And cool!