Wednesday, March 23, 2011

T-shirt re-do

I should have taken a before picture, because these two tees don't look too exciting. The boys had some cute pirate tees they outgrew - even pirates shouldn't have their bellies hanging out. I couldn't quite let go, so I chopped them up and reapplied them to some larger, plain tees. On the left I did a reverse applique, pinning the skull on the underside of the shirt and stitching around the bones and eyes with turquoise thread. The right shirt is a simple flag style (AKA rectangle). I left out a raw edge and sewed with red thread, changing stitches on my machine as a went, some zig-zag, straight, buttonhole style even. (click for close-up)

My sentimental self was so relieved not to have to part with the old shirts :)

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Jana said...

Great idea.

Diane said...

Some things are so hard to let go of. My son Ray has a 12 inch square that is the only remainder of his favorite blanket growing up. He just couldn't let me get rid of the whole thing.

This is a great solution.

Cassie said...

LOVE this idea!!! So fabulous!! =)

Joanna said...

those look great!

Jamie said...

That is an awesome idea and the shirts turned out so cute!