Saturday, March 19, 2011

Make your own coloured sugar

So this is a trick my sister Nicole taught me, I thought I'd share.  It is so much cheaper than buying a tiny jar of coloured sugar. It is super easy, fast, fun and you can do any colour.  I use gel food colouring and I love it because you don't need very much to make vibrant colours and there are so many shades! (not a sponsered ad I just like it).  
So now for the instructions:
Put the amount of sugar you want to colour in a plastic bag with a seal. 
Add a couple drops of colour
Mush it/shake it around. the colour will spread through the sugar in the bag 
You might see dark coloured lumps - smush those into the sugar the lumps are just the dye.

If you trust the seal of the bag, it is a great thing for kids to help with - shaking up the sugar and watching the colour change.

It is ready when your colour is even. Isn't it pretty? Great for cookie decorating!
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