Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Conveyor Belt Sushi - The fun goes round and round

If you haven't introduced your kids to sushi, here is a great way to do it - Conveyor Belt Sushi.  They get to pick their own food as it goes by and they actually eat it (with kid friendly chopsticks)!
 C choose his plates based on how they looked.  He determined he is a big fan of the California roll Tuna rolls. E surprised me and basically choose something if it's name sounded cool - like the spider roll below and the dragon roll.
 For the non-sushi eaters there is usually other plates - this noodle salad was tasty, they also had edemame, Tempura and even some chicken thing.
My favourite was a veggie roll - this had avocado, cucumber and tofu all wrapped up. I do like spicy tuna rolls too.
 This is how a ninja eats sushi apparently (oh yeah and it doesn't hurt to try a new food that comes from the land of ninjas, because if those guys eat it it must be powerful stuff.)
  See the row of covered plates on the conveyor belt behind us? So much to choose from...half the fun was spotting what you wanted and grabbing it as it went by, we had to make a rule 1 plate per person at a time.
 E's favourite after trying the dragon roll turned out to be eel (below). yep that's right, who doesn't like a slab of eel on rice?
  This is Blue C Sushi in Fremont. (not a sponsor, we just loved it).  Each colour of plate is a different price, ranging from $1.50-$5.50 When you are ready for your check they count your stack.

Since eating here we have ordered sushi at other places and it's even been a pick for lunch at the grocery store.  It was a great way to introduce them to something new, and they could discover their favourites.  However I don't think I'll be fixing any eel at home any time soon...


Joanna said...

That sounds SO fun! I'm so impressed that E liked eel!??!

Dyann said...

We love conveyor belt Sushi! I love how cheap it is, and that it doesn't cost $20 to try something and discover that it's disgusting.

Our children have grown to love Love LOVE sushi, and have a funny little edamame song they sing when we have it. So funny!

Love that it comes from the land of the ninjas--great point!

Lorna said...

What adventuresome children you have. What a good job you have done.

Danielle said...

I think it's so great to introduce kids to these types of things when they are young and somewhat more open-minded. My parents never did stuff like this with me and consequently, I can't get past the raw fish thing with sushi. Jason takes Nathan from time to time, though, and it's amazing what he'll eat - he thinks it's a HUGE treat. He particularly likes masago (some sort of fish eggs). N begs for sushi at trader joe's, etc. too.