Friday, February 18, 2011

Hilo Farmer's Market

A farmer's market is one of my favourite ways to experience a new place.  This one is especially fantastic in Hilo on the East coast of the Big Island.  The Star Bakery had some super tasty treats and I don't know what most of them were called we just pointed and added things to our bill until our hands were full.  E has one of my favourite pictured below - it is sort of a rice stick candied with a plum jam maybe, wrapped in a leaf - I wish I had one right now.  The boys loved these treats that looked like doughnut holes on a stick

Some other highlights besides the fresh fruit and treats....
The cute lady in the aporn is making me a green papaya salad Ratana's Thai Food. This is one of my favourite Thai dishes and hard to find around Seattle.
There was a really fun booth of musical instruments, E loved trying on masks silly boy, C loved trying new fruits.
The glass art is from Pele's Glass Creation, artist David Thomas
I enjoyed looking at the strange "Sushi" style wraps (bottom left) some made with spam slices, or hot dogs or other bizarre to me combos...

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Joanna said...

looks awesome! Farmer's markets are the best!