Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cheese and Silly Bandz

Is anyone else over-run by these crazy elastics that get caught in the vaccuum cleaner, wept over if lost and provide lots of entertainment when spread all over the kitchen table?

For better or worse, my kids like these things and I needed them to have a place to contain them.  Also they are not allowed to wear them during class because of the distraction, but they still like to take them to school to trade at recess.  Enter the empty Laughing Cow cheese container.  After making these with my own boys we've had several playdates requesting to make them too.  I think I could trade them for some lunch money at the corner of the playground, they are pretty popular. (Also great for holding trading cards, hair accessories and any little things).

I used regular adhesive backed shelf liner to cover the containers.  I also have discovered that the labels peel off fairly easily, which I would recommend before covering.  Because the containers are paper anything sticks to them fairly well and modgepodging can make a creative cover.
To cover the sides, any wide tape works well, then slice in half with a box cutter where the container is already opened.

Once they are covered: decorate with permanent markers, stickers whatever.  They more personal, the more easily identified.  For a thin, light weight container, it actually holds a lot of silly bandz and stays closed in a backpack that is thrown around, stepped on and used as a soccer ball.

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aubrey said...

ah, very smart kristin. i might have to adopt a similar solution for these things. especially since today ava just spent some birthday money on silly RINGS... even smaller and more likely to get lost.

Jamie said...

Great idea!! I find those things all over my house!!

Tracy said...

I am so grateful those things are cheap. Wyatt will do just about anything for a $1 pack of Silly Banz! Thanks for the tip!!

j. vorwaller said...

Brilliant! Ever since silly bands were banned from school, ours have just been sitting around - love this idea. :D