Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blink, like a stop motion film

Lately I feel like my life is much like a stop motion film. Every time I blink something changes, moves or appears.  I honestly believe that between the time E got dressed on Monday and the next time I saw him after school his pants were 2 inches shorter.  Christmas, New Years Eve, all the holidays are a series of pictures, thank goodness I had my camera. We had great times and I hope you did too.  I'm glad to have a new year and a "restart".  You should be hearing a lot more from me and I hope to hear lots from you too!

For now I'll leave you with a bit of "Change". Let's be honest any film that starts out with LEGO is awesome.  I have no relation to the creators of this film, but it feels like a synopsis of my life last year.

Oh and for the record, my one resolution from last year is still going strong - I am still Diet Coke free since the end of last January (except as it appears in this video)! Hurrah for kicking an addiction!


Lorna said...

Glad you had a good holiday season, we missed seeing you and your family. Congrats on the diet coke, don't think I'll try just yet.

JRoberts said...

Wow, that was one amazing video, especially when you think of how many frames were packed into that short min and a half! :)

Thanks for the suggestions on the book reviews. I will get on it right away. Your boys are in Gr. 1 right? I know I am lacking in that age group, so I will try to get a few more read alouds in that age (ish). My littlest son is 5 so I will "test" some of them out on him! :)

(for now, have you ever tried the "Olivia" the pig books? My son thinks the are so funny. He is even OK that the pig is a girl! And "Don't let the pidgeon drive the bus"...I will post a few on my blog soon.)

Have a wonderful day.

chicklegirl said...

Good job on kicking Coke to the curb. I know you've been working on it for a long time; go girl!

Joanna said...

Loved the video, and good for you on the diet coke!

Jamie said...

Wow - very impressed by your Diet Coke resolution!!

j. vorwaller said...

You are so lucky to have kicked that to the curb... I still struggle with my sugar treadmill that I get on and can never seem to shake it! I LOVE TREATS. How did you do it? ? Tips much appreciated :D.

And I know what you mean about time... and feeling so grateful for cameras! I swear I would never remember my life in the past couple years without those memories captured on film. whew!