Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Being Canadian and living in "The States" (as I used to refer to it), there are some differences on holidays. One of them is Thanksgiving.  Ours is today (usually the 2nd weekend in October).  Thanks to my dear friend Sarah and her family for spending the time with us, I am super thankful for them!

Being a lazy cook when there are no expectations, I don't cook a big meal for Canadian Thanksgiving, but I do want a taste of thanksgiving, especially when I hear the yummy details of dinner from my family.  This is the standard traditional fare at our house for the holiday....

Roasted turkey sandwiches with sage butter and cranberry sauce.
Sweet potato french fries.
Sparkling cider.

This is delicious super-shortcut for thanksgiving dinner!

The Canadian Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich.


Meredith said...

It looks delish and very fun.
(You forgot to mention the pumpkin which Connor said was the best part)
love ya MOM

JRoberts said...

I hate turkey so we always have ham. :) This year, I thought I would be a good mom and I cooked turkey...barely any got eaten so I am making turkey sandwiches today, but yours sound better.

I also love the shortcut versions of your traditional food.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Diane said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Those sandwiches sound amazing. I'll have make some for Ray - he'll love them.

Benson said...

I love Canadian Thanksgiving at your house! But where are the pink sammies this year?

Tara H said...

Totally late, but Happy Thanksgiving! Your meal looks so delish . . . mmmmm

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

YUM! Frankly that sounds better than traditional turkey dinner. I do hope there was pumpkin something for dessert!

And it never occurred to me that calling it "the states" was a Canadian thing to do but of course, they wouldn't say that!

Elisha and Scott said...

Happy Canadian Day. I should celebrate it for my husband too. Those sandwiches look like a great meal to have!

Jamie said...

That looks SOOOO good! What do you call "The States" now?

The Trainas said...

oh dang, I completely forgot about Canadian Thanksgiving! glad you had a yummy one. miss you!