Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Knights and Princesses - For the Love of Lego Challenge winner...

Our winner this week is Josee! Congratulations!
Look at the amazing detail she put into her castle and I love that she added furniture and princesses.
We had less entries this week so I get to comment on all of them (sorry about the big delay in posting the challenge).  This is my grown-up brother Jon's.  I love his choice for princess and I love that she is kissing the knight on the balcony.
This really cool castle is a collaboration between Nate and Isaiah.  Lots of great towers, It looks like the knights are ready for anything.  Is that a secret hide-out on the right?  I love the flags and the rooftop garden.
Here is E and C's  Apparently there was a murder in the front room and rats? eww. The King's throne is cool.  If he looks familiar, it's because the King is really Indiana Jones in disguise, he took over the kingdom to get the treasure, the guy opening the treasure looks pretty happy about it. All kinds of other stories emerged with this build and it was a pretty fun play set this week for adventures.  Besides Indiana Jones some pirates and spacemen also visited the castle.  I did not see any princesses though.
This is Denver's ship.  Every kingdom needs a royal navy, way to plan for defensive strategy!
I really love Lahni's, "Princess in the Tower"  
I can almost hear her calling "Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?"
Then he must say something like, "Let down your long hair...or pass me a rope."
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Lahni said...

Woohoo Josee! Congrats!
I also love the princess in Jon's castle. Isn't she cute?

JRoberts said...

These challenges are making me almost wish I had lego for my boys. (*gasp* I know, they have NO lego!)

Joanna said...

Ya! Josee is very excited! Thanks for the fun challenge!

Jamie said...

I'm so glad Josee won! I thought hers was the best too! :) Such cute entries - especially Jon's princess! I love E & C's as well.

lacy said...

oh the days of legos! so fun

Josh said...

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