Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Field Trip - REI (Or your local sporting goods store)

Sometimes you don't need to travel far or think too hard to find something fun to do with your kids.  This doesn't cost anything upfront but the selection of goods can be tempting, especially as camping/hiking season approaches.  I love the outdoors, especially when there is no concrete involved, but sometimes you want to be inside and still get excited for when the weather is better for outside.  REI is a great store, and they aren't even paying me to say this.  This is their downtown flagship store, they have a great play area upstairs for kids, a hiking path to try out new boots, animal tracks to follow on the main level, glass elevators, ice pick door handles, tents and the works to check out. Oh and around this time of year they start handing out adventure passports where you can journal your hikes...it is really really cool, we participated last year and it was a fun addition to our hiking packs. (if you don't have a store near you, download it online here.)

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Diane L said...

REI is exceptional - and I've never encountered another sporting goods store that has as much entertainment of offer in addition to goods.

The Trainas said...

i miss you!!!