Monday, May 17, 2010

In the Kitchen: Mash-up Strawberry Style

Spring is such a yummy time of year, especially in the NW when the strawberries are fresh!

There are so many great things to make with strawberries, let's start with jam. Freezer jam is my favourite because it tastes the most like fresh strawberries.  Plus, it's really easy. We just picked up some pectin and followed the directions in the box.  Kids can do a lot making jam - washing, hulling (I have this great little huller that's not too sharp, but a grapefruit spoon would work well too), and of course - mashing!

Seeing these filled jam jars makes me feel so domestic...I'm still not sure if it turned out :)
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mandy* said...

Strawberry freezer jam is my favorite thing in the world. I've been trying to find the energy to make it. We ran out of jam a couple of weeks ago and the store bought stuff just isn't the same. You've inspired me to have Co help this time.

Lorna said...

Looks yummy. I haven't made jam for a long time, but that picture makes me want to make some of my own.

Lahni said...

Yummm...jam. Last year when I was pregnant I decided I was going to make some jam. But I was pregnant so it never happened. Maybe this year!

Traci said...

Nothing like WA produce! I miss the fruit and veggies that we would get all summer long in Moses Lake. You enjoy every one of those strawberries...they are divine~

Joanna said...

yum! I'm sure it will taste delicious!