Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Classroom Craft - Easy Heart Garland

Once a week I go and help in the kids classroom and the past couple of times we have been doing Valentine's Stuff,  On this day each child did a chain of hearts in a pattern on a string.  We used construction paper and it was really great because the hearts didn't slide around.  It made for an easy garland., one punch on each side of the heart.  The best part is the kids really liked doing it and over half the classroom was covered in a string of hearts (each end was tied to another and twisted around thumbtacks.

I have a lot of pictures with the kids making this but I don't think it would be right to post other people kids on my blog without asking them.  Next time I'll try and take more pictures of just the projects for you guys!

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j. vorwaller said...

sooo cute! i love holidays, especially when it involves classroom crafting, :) can't believe it's almost valentine's day. how did that happen?

Burbs said...

Oh I miss volunteering in the kids classes!!! What fun you get to have everyday w/ those kids of yours!!! I'm going to be sure to remember that museum when my little grandbabies come back ~ they'd love the cuttin action w/ the salmon! Thanks for the bucket loads of information you're always willing to share :)