Thursday, January 14, 2010

A "Royal" Birthday Present

Our other birthday friend needed a crown and wand.

I can't give a princess crown without a copy of "The Paper Bag Princess" by Robert Munsch. It is a story of a very empowered princess who goes off to rescue her prince in the only thing she can find to wear after her castle burns down - a paper bag. She wittily duels a dragon and discovers important qualities to have in a prince. A must read for any adventurer.

The wand is a plastic stick (from our bin of random things) covered in blue ribbon twisted around it and secured in place with dabs of hot glue. The star is a traced cookie-cutter onto felt (3 layers, blue on each side and grey sandwiched between. I sewed all three layers together leaving the bottom open for the stick. I glued many streamers of ribbon (a lot of cream that you actually can't see on the background) Added hot glue on the tip of the ribbon stick and quickly slipped it into the star.

The crown is made of 2 layers of felt, with the back elastic cased in ribbon to be more fancy (ends sewn in between the felt layers) I sewed the 2 layers together for sturdiness and also sewed the ribbon on the front. The rest of the jewels are added with hot glue (not recommended for little, little ones who like to pull things off and put into their mouths).


Traci said...

darling idea! I LOVE that book too~ Your creative juices are unsurpassed. Love it~!

Gicela said...

I love Robert Munsch! We've read so many of them sooo many times that Sofia thinks Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko have written and illustrated ALL books!