Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Travel Size Kleenex/Tissue Pouches

So I'm starting on some gifts. This is a quick and easy one. If you use felt and pinking shears there is no hemming. Plus I like to have a different texture for tissues so I can find them by just feeling around in my purse, because lets face it, when either you or a little one need a tissue there could be a gross, runny nose emergency. OK enough commentary.

1. Make rectangles of felt, "pinked" about 5 1/2" X 7 1/2"

2. Fold over the long sides to the middle with a little over lap, you can pin here but felt isn't very slippery so you don't need to.

3. Sew up the side seams, I matched the edge of my presser foot to the edge of my fabric as a guide. I also used a bright thread just for fun. Don't forget a small back stitch on both ends of the seam.

4. Stuff with Kleenex (either the little pack or a wad, at least it's not all over your purse)

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Traci said...

too clever! AND what a perfect time, the runny nose season!

annie valentine said...

I LOVE THESE. And I love you.

Maria said...

I love this idea. How cute are those. I am going to have to tuck that idea away for teacher gift ideas!

Jana said...

This is my kind of project! Cute and easy!