Sunday, October 4, 2009

Easy Tulle Produce bags

I have been doing well cutting down my carbon footprint in the shopping bag sector. I "remember" to bring my reusable totes and bags by leaving them on the passengers side floor of my car and after a grocery trip, I unload the food, then take them back to the car. So now I'm ready for the next reduce plastic and reusable bag stage - produce bags. I think there are some options out there, but I found an easy DIY way to do it.

What I came up with is lightweight, Easy to sew, fairly sturdy and VERY inexpensive.

Step 1: Cut a piece of tulle into several rectangles, measurements aren't important, but you want a decent size to fit a few oranges for example.

Step 2: The casing for the ribbon or sting to tie the bag closed. On a long side, fold over a 1/2' -1' of fabric and sew down, using a zig zag stitch (I set my stitch width to 2.5).

Step 3: Fold the entire fabric in half (like closing a book), with casing at the top, and casing seam edge outward. Sew down the side and across the bottom of the bag. Sew only to the seam on the casing as not to sew it closed.
Step 4: Turn the bag inside out so raw edges are inside. Thread ribbon into casing I used a large safety pin on one end of the ribbon, tie ribbon edges together outside.

Happy produce shopping, be sure to get in a few last farmer's markets where they last!
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moesinoslo said...

Those are awesome. What do you use them for? kids snacks in their lunch boxes? I love the canvas bags for groceries and am, too, looking for ways to reduce the ziplock addiction. I wash mine out and use them at least a dozen times before they fall apart, but every time I throw a piece of one away, I cringe. Thanks for the inspiration!

EmF said...

What an AWESOME idea!! I wish I was a better seamstress. Maybe I will have to try anyway! THANKS!

Joanna said...

Jon and I were just talking about the plastic produce bags today while shopping!! We just didn't use any... and I hated not having everything together. I LOVE this idea and I will definately be making some of my very own!! Thanks for sharing!

Traci said...

so all I need is a sewing machine~

dottycookie said...

That is a brilliant idea. I try not to use the plastic bags at the supermarket but it is hard if you have a handful of carrots or so on. These will solve that issue - thank you!

The Trainas said...

I'll buy some from you!! The thought of making them myself is giving me a headache... but know that I need to do someting!