Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer is like an ice pop...

As a child a favourite summer treat was those frozen ice pops in the plastic sleeves, the bright unnatural colours. I would wait to open them until they were a bit mushy and slushy, slurp them right up and always wish there was more. I would roll, twist, squeeze that plastic wrapper to get every drop of juice. I feel the same way about summer every year. Once again, unfortunately, summer is almost over. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I take my sun seriously and whenever I can get it. Over the past couple weeks, even with trying to pack and move, we've tried to eek out every drop of summer left.

This last week we've tried to:
Drink lots of lemonade
Have lots of picnics outside
Run barefoot in the grass
Jump on the trampoline in the sprinklers
Stay up late to look at the stars and play with flashlights
Sleep in the next morning
Sleep with the windows open
Eat tomatoes right out of Grandpa's garden
Enjoy every moment we can with family and friends
Turn my face up to the sun, close my eyes, take a deep breath and store up Vitamin D for the winter.

I'm not sure if I'm ready for it, but at least we are saying good-bye with flair...
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Traci said...

I love summer too! Your pictures of your fun times are so great! I love the way that you have captured not only summer but children and their innocence! It is awesome! Great analogy with the otter pop! We still suck those things dry~

Jamie said...