Thursday, September 17, 2009

Squirrel Feeders

Thanks for all the great acorn ideas - I can't wait to try them out (we have quite a stash). So if I was a squirrel and found out some blogger was trying to figure out what to do with acorns I would say - "umm give them to the squirrels, of course". The boys and I compromised and instead of a trap we made squirrel feeders. That artist woman has a great squirrel cut out here. She also includes a template and great instructions. We grabbed cardboard boxes from our recycling bin and turned them inside out and cut out the squirrel (I just eyeballed it, I'm not much for measuring), being sure to make the feet extra large and a little deep to hold the acorns in the base. We using packing tape to keep it sturdy (and since we have a little on hand).

The boys decorated the squirrel with markers.

See her great instructions in the background?

The grey cardboard is a good colour, but maybe some paint inside would be nicer on these guys :)

C and E were so excited to put them outside we skipped the tail...we put them visable from the front window so we could watch. By the next morning there was not much left but some acorn lids and crumbs. And apparently squirrels don't ask other squirrels nicely to share their acorns, they just push them over and steal the loot :) We also watched a couple of blue jays help themselves so it was pretty fun.
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Gail said...

These look terrific and thanks for the link.

Joanna said...

So fun! We need to make one too!

Traci said...

How much fun is that! What a cute post~ even without a tail!

Burbs said...

I miss you guys!!!