Friday, August 14, 2009

Beautful Butterfly - Trapped!

I was so glad someone wanted to be crafty with me at the fair last weekend (Even though no one wanted to look at quilts, sewing,etc.) . They were making coffee filter butterflies at a kids station. Luke and C didn't even slow down to look. E picked up his felt pen in style and coloured away!
Later the next day, I discovered the motive for the crafty moment...He needed something to trap in a spider web. Lovely, spider trumps butterfly. Try not to picture the struggle like I did when I came across this by my bed -

So quick instruction on these easy butterflies - color the coffee filter with regular markers (the more color the better). When finished, spray water on the entire filter (this blends the inks). Pinch together in the middle and wrap a pipe cleaner around it for the body, then turn the tops of the cleaner for the antennas.

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Mama King said...

Funny! Love your header photo by the way!

Kelly said...

I love this, I remember doing something similar in grade school, but never would have remembered this on my own. Great idea on how to use up some of my pipe cleaners.

Traci said...

talk about imagination it!

Rainy Day Farm said...

Super cute craft! I love your boys, they are such guys. Only guys want to trap bugs instead of give them names and make them pets! They are so funny!