Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hiking Club - Priest Point Park, Olympia, WA

There are so many things to love about Olympia's Priest Point Park. "Porch Swings" scattered around the picnic areas. networks of trails through beautiful, gigantic trees. The playground structure is in the shape of a ship, with all kinds of fun to be had. Oh and lots of creatures share the park, especially birds.

There are things to hate though. Don't bring your swimming suit. you will be disappointed. I wouldn't recommend the beach at all. If you insist, as you hike toward the beach, brace yourself for warnings and advisories of the "your health is at risk for being here" kind. There are high levels of dioxin (a carcinogen) in the mud and sediment of Budd Bay. Nothing ruins a hike like toxic sludge. No swimming, eating shellfish, in fact it is not recommended to make contact with the sand directly on your skin. Yikes! What a sad twist on a beautiful day, explaining pollution to five-year-olds. Shame on us.
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ade said...

Great pictures, Sister. WA really is one of the prettiest places ever - you continue to be so creative. You really should write a book or something:)

Miss ya tons,

Traci said...

I second the comment on writting a book, I would buy it! You continue to amaze me, sadness on the hike, so sorry sister