Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hiking Club - Starting Out

I can't wait to start a hiking club once school gets out, so I thought I'd share what we are doing so you could start your own group in your area. I hope you will share your ideas and post hiking pictures on your blogs - I'd be happy to link to you!

The basics of hiking club -
  • We live in a BEAUTIFUL area and need to be out and about, its safer and more fun in a group.
  • We'll have a set day, meeting place at 9:30AM and carpool/caravan to our hiking spot.
  • All you really need is a water bottle and walking legs.
  • Not exclusive, I'm targeting this to preschool age moms and kids but older kids are welcome too.
  • The hike will be about 1 mile (give or take a bit).
  • I'm setting up an email list to remind hikers the hike for the coming week
  • I'll schedule the hikes ahead of time so moms can come selectively when it works for them, but they must RSVP ahead so we know who to expect at meet up time.
  • We may have back-up plans if weather is really bad - free family
  • movie, tour the capital building, or may just hike in rain gear.
  • The at some point in the hike there will a lunch break.
  • Moms will be in charge of their own kids, snacks, water and general well-being and we will all take turns carrying the first aid kit.
  • We will try to have an end location where other friends can meet up with us and whoever wants to can spend the day.
  • If there are special items like swimsuits, binoculars, shovels for digging etc. it will be known ahead of time.
  • I'm open to a couple family hikes to include dads, maybe a Saturday.
  • I think it would be fun at the end of the summer to give the kids a WA state badge or something, any other ideas?
Is there anything I'm missing? I'd love any feedback.


Joanna said...

I want to join!! to bad I don't live that close :( But a very cool idea!

Rainy Day Farm said...

I can't wait. Sign up the Gardner family. My kids are so excited to do this. I will get into my file and see if I can find some fun places to suggest. All the rules sound good!

Abbie said...

I am part of a mom's group in Northern Virginia that does a Friday Walk at Lake Braddock. Moms stroller-up and go get some exercise outside as well as some mom-to-mom time. I don't usually go because I have two small ones (2 1/2 yo and a 15m old.) And I don't have a double stroller so there isn't a way for me to "port" both kids. (although I guess I could stroller one and carry the other in a hiking back-pack.) I am assuming that you are planning hikes for mom-length-legs, so you might want to think about designing your walks for moms who have only one child, or moms with double strollers. I hope I am able to do some walks with my mom's group in the fall when my son is in pre-school. Good luck with your wonderful idea! Best, Abbie

ade said...

fun idea. maybe we will hit one this Summer:)

Love ya,

Jen said...

You are so official! And I love that Maria is referencing her "file". Are you sure I belong in this club??? I'm neither official nor filed - my talents lie in other less-organized areas...

Kristin said...

Abbie - thanks for the input. Maybe we can mix it up and do some for tiny legs too. I hope some moms will join us on the picnic afterward if they can't make the hike. With twins I can relate not being able to port two at once, hang in there.

Jen - If you can catch frogs you are an asset - you are in.

Joanna you could probably round up some hikers, I like the "feed the ducks" idea too.

Jamie said...

That sounds so fun - such a good idea. Love it.

Kristin said...

Ade - I'm going to hold you to that!

aubrey said...

oh dear. kristen you inspire me so much. i would love to join a hiking club {i know wendy mohr and lydia do it already} this summer and just DO IT. ....

Kelly said...

Thanks Kristin, still love the idea and I know my kids will too. Are there going to be any Olympia-centered ones? I think there are some nice places to hike around here.

Also, littler hikes for littler legs would work well for my family too. You'd think a 3 year old can go far, but it is surprising how soon she wants to be held. Sometimes we don't make it to the mailbox!

The Trainas said...

Can you hike to San Diego? We miss you!

Kelli said...

That sounds so fun Kristin! Wish we were there for the hiking club!! I think we will be in Elma July 3-5. Maybe the cousins can go on a hike together?