Friday, April 10, 2009


We did some simple dying of eggs this year. They each had three bowls of dye in the primary colours, we used spoons to mix and lift the eggs. I had some camera difficulties and don't have any pictures of the activity itself.

It must be noted the words dye and die were a little confusing and the boys weren't expecting to colour the eggs. I really don't know what they thought we were going to do. I think in future years we will only colour eggs, not dye them.

C had so much fun doing his, he wanted to put them in all the colours over and over, then he decided they looked like real chicken eggs and he was very pleased with himself. The only thing he wanted to try besides dipping the eggs was the crayon-scribble-resist.

E wanted to try several things - crayon resist, sticker masking, layering colours and was particular about what colours he wanted when and how they would come out.

At age five I'm glad we stuck to simple, they could do everything by themselves and they had so much fun with it.

I'm hoping in the next week the rain clears up so we can have an egg roll and a toss and a relay - some of my favourite Easter games.

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LP said...

Dye vs Die, that is a good one. I like the idea of sticking with "coloring eggs" (or colouring -- did I spell that right??) ;-)