Monday, February 2, 2009

monogram dishtowels

I was pleased how these turned out and thought I'd share, because they were very easy. I cut out a circle with an exact-o knife from adhesive shelf liner. I stuck it on clean white dish towels, as well as a vinyl letter, centered in the middle.

I used a piece of cardboard underneath to prevent the paint from bleeding. I added the fabric paint with a sponge brush, dabbing rather then brushing the paint on to keep the edges clean.

Peel of stickers while paint is still wet, then let dry.

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Natalie said...


Jana said...

What a great idea!

Jamie said...

Ooo - thanks for the tute!


So cute! I loved how those turned out. I found your blog via the crafty crow, and have loved reading all of your crafty ideas! I also wasn't sure if you've heard about the "freezer paper stenciling" technique, it would essentially do the same thing as you just did on the towels but without needing to buy the vinyl and the shelf liner. You just buy Freezer paper at the store (by wax paper and tin foil) - it has a glossy side and a paper side. You cut your template out of the paper (anything you can trace or cut with a cricut machine or die cut, punch..etc) then you iron the shiny side down on your fabric, it sticks like it's going to be there forever! Then paint away and peel right up, with no residue. Here is a blog that shows it in action, you can also google "freezer paper stencils" and get tons of ideas.

Sorry for the novel, I just thought you might like to try this since you're so crafty. We've had so much fun with it. I did a Birthday shirt for my 3 year old and he still wants to wear it every day! (he's almost 4!)