Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It started snowing mid-Dec and I think my brain started hibernating. So that's where I've been, hibernating. I was a little trapped, in rural Pacific NW, with not a snowplow in site or a 4-wheel dr. so:

I didn't leave the hill on which we have our house, until Dec 23rd, but boy did we sled it!

I didn't go to the "big city", for weeks!!! I finished up Christmas shopping locally and found some great shops. We made lots of handmade gifts - for better or worse - sorry about the toilet paper tube vases Grandma Carolyn.

I didn't send Christmas cards, I really do love you all, I do, and I wanted to, but I just didn't. I have real excuses, really... even though the US Mail is rain, sleet, snow,yada yada, I can personally vouch for some delays...and days with no mail. Then honestly by the time I still had that window after Christmas when it is still acceptable to send a card, we had a flood. Actually our town was a lake. So I gave it up for this year. Maybe I'll surprise you on St. Patrick's Day with a family card and letter to make up for it, maybe not.

I stopped doing a lot of things and did lots of playing and relaxing and had a lovely Christmas and New Years. Then snuck away last week to be with my grown-up family - AKA Mom, Dad, siblings...

I have lots to post about, so I'll be doing some catch-up, I'm just warning you there are going to be some random post-dated posts when I feel like rambling about something...

Thank you for your patience.

Sincerely Management


Natalie said...

I was amused by the mail delays too! I mean, sure our road was closed, but that whole "neither rain, nor hail, nor dark of night" or whatever it is had me fooled. I had a love / hate relationship with being trapped at home. It WAS nice for the world to just kind of "stop" for a while and to be 'forced" to kick back and relax. That is, until I got MAJOR cabin fever. LOL It's good to have a new post from you!

elisha said...

You're cute! Can't wait for the updates. I'll be checking. Please give Grandma a big hug and kiss from me.