Monday, December 22, 2008

Let it Snow

This kind of weather is unreal for us. Usually it snows 1 or 2 times a winter here, sometimes it melts before it hits the ground, often it doesn't last on the ground for more than an hour.

So we woke up to snow Sunday, December 14th, 7AM.

The boys were ecstatic! The morning went something like this:

boys - "It's snowing, it's snowing!!!"
me - just waking up still a little groggy, then suddenly snapping awake, "Snow?"
boys - "Look, look!!"
me - "ok hustle, get 2 pair of socks on each, put sweats over your pjs, I'll get the winter gear and snow pants..."
The race is on and I swear it is the fastest my boys have EVER got out the door!

Now you may be asking yourselves, what kind of mother in her right mind sends her kids out the door at 7AM, without breakfast, into the cold snow?

So the way I saw it: church was at 9AM, if we simply got on our Sunday best, combed our hair, and went to the time we left church to come home
1. the snow would be all melted,
2. I would be the most evil villain of all time
3. The boys would forever hate going to church, since they had missed out on the snow fall of '08.
Honestly that's would would usually happen.

This time they had fun before church, so no loss there, and when we came out there was still snow and the next day and the next and the next, oh my! It really piled up.

It is magical, beautiful and an extra special Christmas, especially for this dislocated Canadian.

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Jamie said...

Awesome pics! I love that you went out Sunday morning - I procrastinate until the afternoon and quite often miss out on the most snow. (Not this winter tho - MAN we got snow!)