Wednesday, December 10, 2008

fungus amoungus

We have discovered the orange peel mushroom in our yard, many places, in our clay yard, and I thought nothing could grow here. It is striking in color and looks a lot like someone tossed out orange peels everywhere.

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ade said...

ahhh...I want to join in on the fun. Your tree is beautiful and so fun to have Grandma J there. I miss you and the fam.

Love ya,

Jen said...

They do look nice against the rocks - maybe you have a new look going:)

Joanna said...

wow, I actually thought 'why'd you take pictures of some old orange peel'?? (before I read what it actually was of course.

Jimh. said...

I think those re the edible variety...better check, because I know there is a look alike tht is not good to eat...still, cool!