Thursday, November 20, 2008

It makes a village

I had never thought of Lincoln Logs as holiday decor until this year. You can build an amazing pilgrim settlement. The teepees are simply decorated with felt pens and twisted - giant recipe cards, with short bamboo skewers holding them up. E came up with the circle of logs near the teepee village. The foam pilgrims and turkeys are $1 crafts from JoAnn's fabrics and my darling Dad made me the wooden turkey many years ago. The boys have had a bit of fun playing with this set-up over the past week, including speeding a race car through the settlement and scattering turkeys everywhere. "Pray pardon me!" was all the pilgrims could say about it.

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Gardner Family said...

What a cute idea. I bet your boys had so much fun with that. What pilgrim village would be complete without a racecar terrorizing the locals!

Laura Major (Learning Is Child's Play) said...

Oh Man! I never thought of using the Lincoln Logs for a Thanksgiving Village! I've got a gazillion of them too, leftover from my kids and PreK Teaching days! I love it!!
I shared this post with my peeps on facebook, you need to get a fan page there too ;) Here is the link if you what to pop in and say Hello!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

This is awesome and it was really nice of the Pilgrims to not get too upset when the race car wrecked their village! ; )

pink and green mama