Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lest We Forget

An important day to celebrate our freedoms and remember those who sacrificed for them.

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Gardner Family said...

Ok, I am bummed, I did not know that there was a parade in town! My kids would have loved that. We did at least put out our flag! Looks like they had fun!

The Trainas said...

Kristin I just took awhile to get caught up on the Doyles. I miss you guys so much!! Love the Hawaii trip pics, LOVE your hair, the burgler costumes were SUCH a good idea-- can I copy next year? :) Did you get my email about Whistler?

Jen said...

Had NO idea we had a parade! What time was it? We would all have gone if we'd known!

And I love how our vets gave a parade to empty streets. That is so sad. But I'm really glad you went - you are such a good citizen:)

Kelly said...

THis looks like fun, where in the Heck are you? I cannot picture a place like that in town. Anyway, I am making my blog private so email me your google address and I can get you on my list.